Use Student Feedback and Advanced Analytics to Drive Instruction

The Knowledge Evaluation System (KES) is a complete learning and analytic platform that combines in-depth student feedback and detailed analytics to support the goals of a more effective and efficient learning environment. Take a Test Drive

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Real-Time Student Data Both In and Out of the Classroom

KES analytics empowers teachers to make timely interventions and customize course content to optimize learning. As a community driven content repository and customizable diagnostic application, KES assesses knowledge mastery rather than test taking mastery.

Meet Mr. Smith

Mr. Smith is a teacher. He uses the Knowledge Evaluation System (KES) to get real time actionable data to help him identify at risk students and see exactly how his class is performing.

Meet Sandy Sue

Sandy is a student in Mr. Smith's class. Sandy and her classmates use KES at home or in class on their desktop computers, tablets, laptops, or smartphones.

Mr. Smith can create, share, search, and deliver problem solving questions to his students using KES' simple to use web-based classroom management system and growing question library.

Sandy uses her smartphone to try to solve Mr.Doe's latest problem solving question and then studies the step-by-step solution. Sandy is typically a shy student, but KES gives her and her classmates the opportunity to provide detailed feedback to Mr. Smith about what they didn't understand and how they made mistakes.

All problems are automatically graded for Mr. Smith. He also gets advanced visualizations of student concept understanding, which steps were the most difficult for his students, exactly how his students made mistakes, and how well they performed relative to standards (like Common Core State Standards).

Sandy gets to view anonymized analytics and can immediately see how well she is performing relative to her peers. Sandy can reflect on her progress in real time.

KES, by YourLabs®, provides the missing link between teachers and students to improve learning for all.

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