Use Cases

YourLabs' Knowledge Evaluation can be used in a variety of situations and settings.

Flipped Classroom

Deliver instructional materials and knowledge assessment assignments on the YourLabs KES platform for students self study. Use ensuing KES analytics to inform and guide instruction, intervention, re-teaching, discussions, and remedial lessons.

Blended Learning

Combine flipped classroom with face-to-face instruction using the YourLabs KES platform for content delivery, assessment, and real time in-depth self-reported learner data.

Stand-up Lectures

Use KES to assess critical knowledge retention by delivering assessment items on any mobile device during lectures. Capture learner self reported data and use KES analytics to re-teach and reinforce concept understanding and critical thinking skills in real time. KES goes beyond right and wrong answer; it provides data on what students know and don't know.


Assign YourLabs' Knowledge Evaluation System (KES) assignments and get automatic grading and step-by-step solutions. KES captures and reports learner self-reported data to both teachers and students, directs students to relevant real-world examples, and prepares standard compliance reports.


BellWork is work that students do immediatley upon entering the classroom. By using KES for BellWork, students can easily provide feedback to their instructor for quick analysis that drives classroom discussion and teaching.

Test Preparation

Use KES to trial run test questions by analyzing student self-reported difficulty rating per question and self-reported feedback including length of time taken to answer each question. Students can use the content repositotry to prepare for exams.

Real Time Data Analytics

Use the in-depth data provided by KES to predict and intervene in student education. Use historical trends to tailor lecture materials and entire curriculums.