YourLabs' Knowledge Evaluation System benefits all stakeholders.

Student Benefits

Most assessment tools focus on what's in it for teachers and administrators. YourLabs' Knowledge Evaluation System benefits students as well.

  • See step-by-step solutions to problems including rich content like videos, images and sound
  • Compare your performance to your peers to know where you stand at all times
  • Improve conceptual understanding, critical thinking and step-by-step procedural fluency
  • Take correction actions through self-regulated learning strategies
  • Easily give feedback to teachers to improve teaching practice, tailor instruction to your needs and get immediate help
  • Read and attempt problems in your language with KES multi-language support

Teacher Benefits

Teachers have a hard job - YourLabs knows that teacher time is at a premium and its Knowledge Evaluation System has been designed to make them more efficient and effective.

  • Identify where and how students make mistakes and obtain actionable data to take some of the "guess work" out of teaching
  • Get real-time student self-reported feedback at various points in problem solving
  • Get real-time analytics to inform instruction and influence how a course is taught so that learning content can be tailored to learners to improve learning outcomes, revise course content, curricula, and teaching practice
  • Save time in preparing questions and solutions with the KES question library and auto-grading
  • Manage classes, questions, and analytic data through a simple to use web-based management system that can be used standalone or to supplement existing learning management systems
  • Get auto-generated Common Core or other standard compliance data
  • In-class and out-of-class (flipped classroom, online education, blended learning) instruction and assesment on any mobile device
  • Identify at-risk students and make timely intervention
  • Assess knowledge mastery rather than test taking mastery
  • Create questions in the language of your choice; KES has full multi-language support

Administrator Benefits

With constant pressure to do more with less all the while improving outcomes, YourLabs' Knowledge Evaluation System provides administrators advanced analytics to identify trends and isolate outliers.

  • Easily compare class-to-class and school-to-school performance
  • Track trends and predict outcomes without corrective action
  • Leverage your investment in existing platforms by utilizing KES' comaptibility with existing learning management systems
  • Increase teacher effectiveness and improve learning outcomes with minimal capital outlay
  • Assess achievement goals with advanced analytics and reporting facilities