KES Learning Analytics

Our analytics empower educators with real time actionable learner data for use in a variety of situations

Discover What Your Students Know or Don't Know In 5 Easy Steps

Create A Classroom

Filling out some basic classroom information is all you need to get started.

Create an Assignment

Assignments are simple containers for your problems.

Populate with Problems

Copy or modify problems from the KES library or create your own.

Analyze Performance

Analyze student responses to discover what students know and don't know.

Improve Instruction & Learning

Make real-time instructional changes tailored to your students.

Detailed Real Time Learning Analytic Data

KES learning analytics empowers teachers to make timely interventions and customize course content to optimize learning. As a community driven content repository and customizable diagnostic application, KES assesses knowledge mastery rather than test taking mastery.

Quickly identify what concepts students understand or don't understand. Become more efficient by reinforcing specific concepts rather than re-teaching an entire lesson.

Percentage of Students That Did or Did Not Understand the Concepts Behind this Problem

Pinpoint what steps in a problem solution that students struggle with. KES' step-by-step smart solutions and feedback mechanisms allow a teacher to virtually stand over each one of their student's shoulders while walking them through a problem and asking them about their thought process and where they went wrong.

Percentage of Students That Did or Did Not Understand the Steps in the Problem Solution

Dive deeper than ever before by discovering exactly where and how students make mistakes at each step in a problem solution. Now, a teacher can not only identify concepts that students don't understand, but the exact step and types of mistakes made at each step. Whereas before a teacher might have some idea about what types of mistakes students make, KES provides the data to back up teacher assumptions.

Step 3. How did you make a mistake?

Get immediate timing data and view exactly who answered correctly and incorrectly (students get an anonymized view of this data). As a teacher, click on a student name to view all of their attempts for a problem, timing data for each attempt, and individual responses to KES' innovative smart solutions and feedback questions.

Sample Timing Statistics for this Problem
Average Time
Shortest Time
Longest Time
Standard Deviation

Correct Responses

Name Final Answer Time Morrison, David 85.9 0:04:38 Ellis, Karl 85.9 0:00:29 Dewitt, Tabitha 85.9 0:01:12 Bradley, Teresa 85.9 0:02:06

Incorrect Responses

Name Final Answer Time Pushaw, Richard 42 0:02:15 Trapp, Chuck 127 0:02:59 Perkins, James 127 0:03:51 Murphy, Jacob 42 0:04:15 Medcalf, Travis 127 0:04:30 Bartz, William 42 0:04:57 Frederick, Tyrone 127 0:05:20 Mesta, Thomas 42 0:05:26

Easily visualize student performance relative to any standard like Common Core State Standards (CCSS) or Accreditation Board for Engineering Technology (ABET).


KES allows teachers and students to view performance data including mean, median, minimum, and maximum scores as well as standard deviation. Immediately view the various answers that were submitted by students for a particular problem and the percentage of students that submitted each answer.

Sample Statistical Data
Mean Score
Median Score
Standard Deviation
Minimum Score
Maximum Score
Sample Submitted Answers Chart

Aggregated Learning Analytics

KES learning analytics roll-up from problem level to assignments to classrooms to schools to districts to regions and worldwide. If you are a policy maker, view district, region, or worldwide data. If you are an administrator or principal view school data. The data mining possibilities are endless.